About me..and you?

10375943_10206250789571316_4914979867331615220_nI am Victoria White. Victory and Lyme are both part of my life now. In 2012, I awoke one morning unable to stand due to vertigo, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Over the course of several months, dozens of tests, and a handful of doctors, I got a little better. For a while. Then some symptoms came back. In January of 2013 I took a business trip on an airplane, and the vertigo made a permanent appearance. I tried to beat it, then ignore it, then my body started to give-out under it, with lots of symptoms showing my nervous system was under attack. But 2014 is the year victory came with the knowledge that Lyme disease was indeed causing otherwise unexplained chronic problems. Find out more about Lyme from my other pages, or do your own searching. Since that diagnosis I have been fighting it every way I know how. Prayer. Diet. Antibiotics. Supplements. Rest. Activity. Seeking to know more, seeking better treatment, seeking God’s will through it all. 2015 brought further knowledge in the battle plan – diagnosis of other co-factors in my illness (parasites, viruses, mold…). It was a year of battling, and of support like I could never have asked for, in practical help with tasks and a fundraiser to continue treatment to beat this bug! 2016 marks the year of Lymestop. As the antibiotics were killing my blood cells, and causing me problems to the point of having to stop all treatments to recover, this alternative treatment became our new goal. And, since my husband and children were also suffering from more and more odd symptoms, we all booked visits with Dr. Smith in Idaho for the treatment. In April we went, thanks to Mercy Medical Angels, and the enormous support of our Care Team. After two days of his magnets, the dizziness was gone. We all felt better one way or another. By August 2016 we had been for our follow-up visit and actually enjoyed traveling! We are learning how to heal now, and how to live fully in victory, and in many ways, how to live “normally” while we continue to detox.

Victory for me is not the absence of Lyme disease or the other stuff my body is fighting, but the good God makes of it in my life and the lives I touch. This blog is about what’s happening in and around me. Input welcome.

You can donate here:  or participate in the Victory Over Lyme fundraiser. Thank you!!!


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