Get a move on

I have taken some calls lately that are stirring me to pray and to act.

One call was from a woman whose church wants to start something, and she wanted to know if I thought there was a need for such a ministry. I don’t have to ask that question. The need for helping Lymees get treatment keeps coming to me. Three other calls this week were Lymees seeking advice, direction, ideas, prayer, help. I don’t have a whole lot to give right now. But I want to change that. And I will give what I have –mostly, that’s everything on this blog: all that I’ve learned about and experienced.

So, here’s the new stuff I’m learning:

  • Lymestop is in both Idaho and in Wisconsin. Both doctors are Christians, whose faith has grown through their Lyme disease and the journey they have come through. Their work is genuine, though very different and can seem odd, even “quackery” at first. Their testimonies and knowledge are spot on. One of the best articles on Lyme disease I’ve ever read is Dr. Erlandson’s article, found here: Dr. Ben’s Lymestop Article. (His personal testimony is first, but you can skim past that and read about Lyme first, and go back to read his story).
  • Lyme light foundation will help fund treatment for persons under 18 years old. This is great news for kids! Find out more here:
  • I have got to get my ducks in a row and get some things going to fund people (no age limit!) getting treatment, 501(c)3 status or not –that can come later. God’s hand extending to hurting people on whom He has compassion, that happens now.
  • Ministry is not what you expect it to be. I always thought I’d be a missionary, or a “Suffering Servant” of Christ. Well, wake up call, doing the life I have is right where I serve. I’ve got to stop griping about it and truly be a “slave to Christ” as the apostle Paul so heroically puts it. (Ephesians 6:6) I’ve been no hero. Maybe never will be. So much room for humility. So many tasks to be done.
  • Daily reading of God’s Word is essential to life. Even reading passages that don’t seem connected or important at the time pumps the essence of life into your soul. Gives perspective. Gives grace. Gives solace and peace and joy and …well, everything you need.

Yay. So, who wants to help me found Victory Over Lyme, the Non-Profit organization to connect Lyme patients with treatment, and to raise awareness of the Lyme epidemic, how to live beyond Lyme, and the need for a test that can be performed when anyone comes to donate blood at a blood bank/drive. ?

God does not give us a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love and self-discipline –2 Timothy 1:7 (see, didn’t I say God’ Word provides all we need? Now to just start living in power, love and self-discipline…)


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