Lessons learned and to learn again

In a recent time of busy conferences, travel, work, and my husband having surgery, I began to feel that “walnut in the back of the throat” as my daughter so descriptively put it. When she got it, I recalled many of my Lyme-taught home remedies for infections, such as Allicin (garlic extract) tablets, Echinacea pills, raw honey and lemon –all of which are antibacterial, and great at killing bad while supporting good bacteria in the throat and gut. She responded quite well, and bounced out of strep throat within two days. I was not so quick. During the 20 hour drive home from the conference, I began to feel the walnut, then the chills, shivers, and general ache of a fever. By midnight and home, I was a total mess. I took all the garlic, Echinacea, raw honey and lemon I could over the weekend, but still went to the doctor Monday morning, and got a positive Strep swab and the doctor noting “yep, that throat is nasty!” –and now, a week later, I am finally regaining strength and stamina, oh, and it doesn’t hurt to swallow any more!

Lesson recall: remember the remedies that work, and use them!

Lesson re-learn: my body does not heal as quickly, not respond as much to treatments as it used to. The immune system has been depleted, and it has had multiple and long-term exposure to medications, particularly antibiotics and therefore takes longer to “get over” things.

Got it. Now if I could just learn the remedy for busyness…

Oh. Wait. Lesson recall: “Come to Me You who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. …for I am gentle” (Words of Jesus, in Matthew 11:28).

Lesson re-learn: The I AM who created and manages the entire universe for all eternity gives rest. He deals very differently with that tyrannical thing we call time, and He is gentle. (Immense thanks to John Swinton for presenting this idea again, at the 2018 Symposium on Worship at Calvin College).


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