9k and one.



There are moments when I have to pause life, like my kids “pause” me when I am reading aloud, so they can grab their fidget or coloring book or go to the bathroom. Today’s pause moment is brought to me today by CLC Network, the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, many other generous donors, Lymestop, the amazing people who have cared & prayed for and supported my family and me, and is presented by Voyage Pictures.



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I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that the video in which my Lyme life becomes part of a bigger story has over nine thousand views. Even if half of those are my own views of it while sharing it, that’s still very public. It shows the convergence of my personal journey and my work with the Church Services division of CLC Network. My life as ministry. I hope.  I could be concerned about how my hair looks in it, how I wish I’d dressed differently, or said something just a little better. (OK, it’s true, I do think those things!) But, just as with all the moments in life where I had to pause to ponder (of which Lyme has brought me many! Perhaps a future post will be all those ponderings), what I wonder right now is:  Lord, God, what are You up to with this?  Will You use it to bring hope to those who are suffering with Lyme disease? Will You bring hope to churches who struggle to be truly welcoming? Will You use it to minister to the lonely? Will You use it to encourage every Christ-follower to consider their part in The Body?

That seems like too many directions to go, too many hopes to lay on one thing -a 5-minute video is only just that, after all. But that’s the beauty of it all, as I’ve come to find out. The more I ask of my Heavenly Father, the more He shows me of His surpassing greatness, including His reach in this world. Even through one, small person, place or thing. One Body -His Body- is interconnected, so that when one part suffers, all parts suffer. When one part is absent, all parts are incomplete. When one part shares a victory, the entire Body rejoices. (See 1 Corinthians 12:26) One life is never lived without effect. My story is not just mine, but many peoples’ stories. Which is why I don’t know what to say when people thank me for sharing it –it’s never been just mine. And, anyway, from the start of my life of victory, my story has belonged to Him who authors it. The part of my story with Lyme, therefore, belonged to Him and His body already, even before I got sick. My biggest concern now is that I am well. He has healed me–and that means I have a responsibility to minister far more than when I was so ill and my limitations greater. Luke 12:48  convicts me, leaving me responding to those thanks thusly:  “How could I not share my story? He has required it of me.” This blog is one way of me giving my story back to Him to tell it where He wills. This video is another way, and I am astounded with gratitude at how many others have come into my story to get me through it, and those who have picked it up to tell it. I pray now for all those who hear it, and that we all as one join in telling the greater Story of God at work in His Body.

And a quick update: My husband completed treatment in Idaho for reinfection of a dozen Lyme infections and viruses, with great success! Dr. Smith once again has been God’s hand of healing in our family! And, once again, we have to thank our families for the above-and-beyond help to make this happen. And I am excited to share that Dr. Smith is now training others in the techniques! Lymestop.com/training


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