What a fun word -juxtaposition. It’s pretty obvious I like words. this particular word is fun to say and describes many things I’m thinking about right now so well.

Such as, two images I came across on Pinterest & Twitter, respectively:cost of lyme pin






I find both to be true in my case. It was expensive, and in the end did not get me better. Though it was not worthless. I do believe all the medications I did were part of the process, and many did indeed kill of some bugs in my system.



Being sick with something like Lyme is a not-so-in position in which there are many juxtapositions to handle.

Another juxtaposition is a state I find myself in this fall: Haunted by Grace. It’s true, though, that it sneaks up on me, surprises me, even creeps me out -those times when I’ve screwed up or missed a mark or just plain don’t know how it’s going to work out, and (why it surprises me is probably the better question –my God is full of Grace and Truth and is always with me!) Grace makes an appearance and if I stop and look, the translucent apparition actually has substance for a moment. Then I get busy with life again and it seems to disappear from sight. (The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. –Philemon 1:25)

el-tiempo-vuela-el-reloj-rc3a1pido-de-las-manos-de-la-falta-de-definicic3b3n-de-la-velocidad-17751517One more that’s on my mind: ADHD and Slow Processing speed. OK, so this is brainy talk, but I see it in my family, and am learning more about it. Just because these brains move quickly from thing to thing, and seem to think at the speed of light, does not mean they are taking in, sorting and storing information quickly or efficiently, nor that they are finding from storage, organizing and producing information quickly or efficiently. Also, in either ADHD or Processing delay alone, a sense of time can be iffy, having both means a sense of time is even less well developed. That means, it takes them for….ever. to. complete. a. task. and they don’t realize how long it took them because they can’t tell what that amount of time feels like. ARgh! Patience, young Skywalker. (…be strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience –Colossians 1:11)

As is commonly the case when I’m blogging, I’m tired but can’t sleep. Time to find a resting position instead of that juxtaposition, now that I’ve spilled some words. Good night.




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