Ask and Tell

I was told 3 times in the past week “You are right where God wants you to be” –so that must be true, and God must want me to get it! It was funny to me, though, as I was in very different settings each time it came up, each time doing things that I asked myself “is this what I should be doing more of, or less of in the future?” Maybe that’s the wrong question, and being given that answer tells me that today is what to focus on, not tomorrow.

I have been pretty good at asking the wrong question, and God showing me what to ask instead. He is so gracious. I’ve also answered questions, and later realized it was not the right or best answer at all. I’m praying God’s grace covers those situations too! And I’m continuing to hunt for better answers to questions such as:

How can someone who is alone and has Lyme find support and help, especially if their church won’t? (can I get back to you?)

How do you (advocating for people with disabilities in church) work with a pastor who is not a very good communicator (but thinks he is)? (uhhh…let’s talk, and see

What do you want churches and community to know most of all about living with chronic illness? (there are so many answers! and so many people who deserve to answer this!)

Are you cured of Lyme disease? (depends on who you ask!)

Does Stevia cure Lyme disease? (Hey, I have a real answer to that one! Thanks to emailing me with some exciting updates!)LymeInfo

Off to ask and to answer more of life’s questions…what’s next? who am I? Is this the end of times? Is Lyme still what is affecting my husband and son? Who needs to hear the Gospel message from me today? -ooh! Another easy one! Answer: everyone who will listen! God loves you! He sent Jesus to save you from eternal emptiness and pain. Believe in Jesus’ death and resurrection and you get to join God’s family forever, starting with His peace in you right now!

Next question…


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