The Immunosuppressor Strikes Back

After A New Hope known as Lymestop revived this family, we had several months of great living. A relapse of some symptoms in my brain led back to Lymestop in April, and all was well… until we started noting the loss of health in my husband. Then summer hits, our son gets a nasty cold with fevers, and from there it’s been colds and pneumonia all around.

Today I write this on a sunny 70 degree day, in long pants, two shirts and two blankets because I’m shivering. Be ye warned: when you catch something like pneumonia in the middle of summer, and you’ve been on heavy antibiotics long term, and had an immunosuppressive (or auto-immune disorder) illness, you may need heavy artillery to get rid of it. It took a shot of Rocephin (oh how I remember those syringes by the bag-full! It still leaves an awful taste in the mouth and metallic feel all over the body), a Z-pack of Zithromax, and a follow-up course of Levaquin. Finally over that, and over the pneumonia, and then the yeast infection, and I see the doctor again. He gives me a vaccine for pneumonia so I won’t have to go through the days and days of intense fevers, weakness, coughing etc., again. Yay! By the way, I’m also due for a tetanus shot, and about to try fixing up our old dilapidated barn. Good idea. Do it.

24 hours later: shivers, sweats, the whole barrage…it would seem I am one of the lucky few who gets the “moderate reaction” to the shot that involves all these and a fever of 102.

At least my daughter is done with her antibiotic, and seems to be coming out of the cough from both the pneumonia and the more recent cold. My son is being a trooper with his cold (and allergies?) and my husband is now on Levaquin and an inhaler. Maybe we will have a week of summer to be well. Or Jesus can come back now, that’d be fine too.

Hang in there, all you who wait for healing. “There will come a day with no more tears“…


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