Role Reversal, learning old lessons, and A New Hope

Life is just ducky. And ducks make a mess.

My husband let me get ducks this spring, after years of wanting to get them. And I love having them. But they are messy, and take work. I love that they eat bugs…like ticks. I pulled one of those off the dog yesterday. My ducks love cucumber scraps, but won’t touch bread. Good ducks. smart ducks. I found a frog in their kiddie pool this morning. Good stuff. Other than that, they eat a lot, kill grass, and poo a lot. So is life.


Now that I am strong and well again, with minor complaints (everyone has those, right? especially in the their thirties…), I am learning what it was like for my husband to watch me hurt and feel rotten all the time. Unable to do anything to help, not even knowing how. He hurts. all the time. his joints are terrible. feet. hands. neck. and now he’s got some teeth issues. He was prescribed steroids, which made him hurt worse. Hmmm… I’m thinking he’s still got some Lyme junk in there. Lyme and steroids never play together well. The question is, how to get him back to Dr. Smith in Idaho for a re-check/re-treatment?



Meanwhile, I’m adding large amounts of vitamin C, some concentrated garlic tablets, and maybe a few other things to the grocery list for my husband to start taking. I’m going to have to read my old notes to see what all was helping to kill the Lyme and inflammation (besides the diet low in sugar and inflammatory foods, which we are already continually aware of). There is a big difference, however, between my case and his: he is still working full time. And I don’t think I give him nearly enough credit for what he puts himself through to drive almost an hour and half away to work all day every day. My first reaction is always to “fix it” …but I can’t do that. So, once again, I have to learn to pray, wait, listen, serve, and maintain the health that I can (for him and for me). And I’m still not very good at doing that.




New news, though! If you still care about what’s happening in the Lyme world, and need some new hope, please check out this article about a new doctor on the scene shaking things up for the better:   I’m so glad she is talking about need for testing, and for the research, and especially the patient advocacy that is so lacking.  I know a few people I’ve been talking to lately need to hear this news. And get some treatment!



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