Keep it going? or All Things Must Change

I am doing well, thank you, to all who are asking! Victory and Lyme are both in my history now, and always in my conversations, if not in my every-moment thoughts any more (praise to God!!).

Someone just sent me another helpful article by another doctor who “gets it” –and Lord wiling, these types of articles, websites and findings will continue to spread like the epidemic itself.

I am praying for you, all my “Lymee” friends still suffering. I want to start a fund that would be a scholarship to get people to the Lymestop treatment, in conjunction with Mercy Medical Angels. Please contact me if you have questions about that.

While I don’t want this blog to turn into a different topic, I may have to start a new direction somehow that deals with the current chapter in my life: accessible and inclusive worship in the church. Having struggled with health and sensory issues for a long time, attending church is just not the same, and I have very different lenses through which I perceive the worship environment churches create –intentionally, or unintentionally. A great quote I gleaned last week: “when your theology and architecture are in conflict, architecture always wins”  (see pg. 143 of Brian McLaren’s book, “All Things Must Change” — I loved that title and idea, obviously). This is true. And it’s not just the building space, but the perceived space. Anyway, like I said, this could be a whole new blog.

I question now, whether to keep this blog going …so please, let me know what you want to now about Lyme, my journey, what I’ve found out, and what can be done. Be blessed. I am. And I want to bless you.


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