Long Hauls and a Pause

via Daily Prompt: Pause

Today is the pause before heading back to “normal” life. For the last 12 days I have been traveling, packing, unpacking, planning, presenting, exhibiting, or preparing. Tonight I get to pause before completing my itinerary and returning home. Driving from Michigan to the Washington D.C. area and presenting and exhibiting there was the first portion of this ordeal. It went well, if hectic. My dad came along as my driver, thankfully –as I’d had vertigo again for about two months and many of us were concerned about me holding up doing all this stuff. We got back in time for me to reset before readying and heading on planes to Vancouver to present and exhibit there. We booked me an appointment with my LymeStop doc in Idaho while on my way home from Vancouver. Hence the pause. I flew into Seattle last night, got out of the city, stayed somewhere in the mountains, and drove the rest of the way across Washington (the state is much easier to drive than D.C.! ..but there I was back on Interstate 90…) to land in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho today. Ahhh… something familiar (same hotel as the last two trips here -they have a reduced rate for patients!01c2bd39fae9a326e124efeb1921e5839a5e4f5e18). I knew that in all this busy-ness and working I had to just survive to today, and I’d be OK. I made it! Ironically, the vertigo died down about a week before I left for the trip East. I have had some bouts with it, though, including one just yesterday morning. I’m still so thankful to see the doctor tomorrow. And especially for time for a nap today. Ultimate pause.

East to West — D.C. (USA) to B.C. (Cananda) and back home again. Whew. That aught to placate wanderlust for a while. Mountain views have certainly filled a tank in me. Alleghenies, the Coast Range, Cascades, and Rockies. Ahhhh… drink them in…

and then I’ll go home and savor the hugs of my family for a good loooooooong time!


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