A year gone by

It is nearly Christmas, and the end of a year full of changes. I actually get to participate this year in festivities! I’ve been to my kids’ Christmas Program at school (a first for all of us ..a Christian School actually celebrates Christmas), and made cookies (GF and SF). Went shopping. Yep. Still hate that. Wrapped presents. Making paper snow flakes, even. Maybe I did some of this last year, with the help of others. I don’t remember. I vaguely remember getting really sick from IV medications, and stopping them around  the end of the year. I can’t really recall the last three Christmases, actually. I’m so thankful Lymestop was God’s way of healing our family of Lyme!

I pray for each and every Lymee out there who still suffers, and trudges through each day, and hopes the next treatment phase will help more than this one.

I pray for any who suffer and wonder why, who have trouble greeting each new morning. While in my sickness, I was blessed with the task of writing a Bible Study session on Living with Pain. (See more about it here). In doing so, I found such comfort in the truth that pain of any kind never has to be pointless. We ask God to use it, and He will. He will make good things happen in the midst of it. Teach us. Show us His love and mercy. Bring others into our lives, through whom He truly works miracles in our hearts.

As I’ve had a nasty headcold for the past week, we have easily remembered what it’s like to do life “with mom being sick”. Someone told me yesterday “I hope you are better by Christmas -it’s no fun being sick for the Holidays” and all I could think was “I’m used to it”. But not this year, Praise my Healer!  I just keep reminding myself that it is only a cold, it will pass.

This week hearing holiday favorites, our family realized all our Christmases will be white..we’re the Whites!

And on that note, my prayer for anyone reading this (and for myself!) is this:

That the Messiah shows Himself alive in you, and that life grows and brings about wonderful mysteries and adventures that thrill your heart and bless everyone you encounter.


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