the push-me pull-you, cast iron and coconut oil

Dr. Doolittle will always be in my brain naming the odd creature the “push-me pull-you” so matter-of-factly. While Lyme disease for a long time pulled me down, while family and supports pulled me up, or along, I was grateful. Now, as life is rolling once again, the directions have scattered and expanded. And when I’m not careful, fatigue and lack of rest set in and pull me back into symptoms. God be praised I learned that quickly! Now, by His grace, may I implement the sacred times of Sabbath. Rest. Nothingness for my brain and body.

In other news, coconut oil and cast iron are two winners of the “best things I learned about while sick” award. Heavy enough to knock out a horse, but worth their weight, my cast iron pans have proven themselves above the “non-stick” pans, even the new fandagled healthy ones. Plus they are just cool. And indestructible (always a bonus with a klutz like me). And coconut oil remains a staple in my baking (instead of shortening or butter), cooking (in the pan, for greasing with, on toast…), and remedies (homemade vapor-rub, deoderant, lip balm, lotion…) and makes me happy.

So there we go, I hope to have Thanksgiving week be full of rest, and I look forward to having time to cook on my cast iron, with my coconut oil -they fix everything, right?. And hopefully gain some insight and focus so that this next season is less reactive and more following with purpose the passions and pursuits God instills in me. It’s a trick I’d forgotten: this ability or organize a busy life. And there’s one I’ve never been good at: keeping the lines drawn for what is most important, and maintaining boundaries so that time is not stolen from that. I had thought I learned it well while sick, as my energy units were precious and few. I was good at it then –and priorities were clearer. Being busy means sorting out a lot more going on in the brain and out in the world! How do you “normal, healthy people” keep it up?!?!? I think I need more coconut oil….



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