Who Cares

Posts are fewer now, and farther between. Mostly for great reasons: namely, that I no longer have much to say about Lyme disease’s effect on me! Lymestop seems to have lived up to it’s name and stopped it in me, my husband, and my kids. Also, because I have been so busy with other things in life that I haven’t had time to post. How awesome is that!?!

If you’re reading this, you are one of those magical people in my world who cares. Thank you. ❤  Now that I am out among people every day again, I see how many people do not care, or think about, the gift of health or how fragile it is.

Last week we visited a church –yes, that’s right, we are going to church again! Commotion, noise, lights, socializing and all! The journey to find a church home is just as complex as the journey to find wellness from illness. So victory has new meaning once again. Praising God for the choices in our area, while trying to discern what we need, where we can fit and contribute and grow,  is more challenging than we realized. At this church the pastor mentioned how we humans are not durable. That is, we are not ever-lasting. We will one day cease to be beautiful, and functional. We lose our physical strength and and ability to be productive, as well as what the world considers aesthetic beauty. This brought to my mind my post on my favorite attributes of objects: Durability, Functionality, and Beauty. How fresh in my history is the tale of me losing those attributes! Yet already, daily, I expect them of myself again, and of others (and of things) around me. I get so frustrated when my expectations are not met. I fall into the trap of the temporary:  think of it as permanent, because it is the now. Like a cat, I do not think about past or future. Or at least, my thoughts are consumed with the now and I do not have room for thoughts of past or future. It is healthy, to a degree, to focus on the now, so as not to be consumed by regret or over-analysis of the past, and also not to be consumed by worry for the future. But it too needs put in check.

I sense the need to put it in check -it is what is keeping me up tonight, and writing rather than sleeping! I need to take time to process, to pray, and to plan. To step out of the present and it’s activities and to-do lists and demands. To reflect. To dream. Or I might just lose my victory, though I may have conquered my case of Lyme.

For that reason, I am so grateful for the truth in this simple Proverb: We make our own plans, but the Lord decides where we will go.


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