I am truly that. Amazed. At the healing God has given to my body, and my whole family. At victory over Lyme -it felt so impossible for so long. At mountains, lakes, new places to see. At Dr. Smith’s technique, and how it really does work to kill Lyme, bring healing, bring instant relief. At the help we have received. At the faithfulness of God. At the new -and yet not new- message from Him for my life: Bring Me Glory and Pursue Me. Victory = glory -for when God is glorified by all the earth, ultimate Victory is here. When God is glorified in me, I have victory.

This last trip to Idaho was brief – the layover in Seattle was longer than the first day there, and the second day went so fast, yet we packed in a lot of sun-catching, scene-beholding and enjoyment, so it truly felt like a vacation. And the doctor’s appointment was surreal once again. Dr. Smith found me clear of all 19 nasties he’d treated me for three months ago. I’m well! He found a lyme virus in my husband’s joints, which explains the pain he’s had over the summer. And literally, my husband felt a jolt (like licking a 9-volt battery, he described it. And yes, he’s done that.) go through his body, and the aches in his hands, hips, back, feet, and neck all went down immediately. Woah. Dr. Smith found something still in each of the kids’ tummies, and in my son’s brain (and we thought the ADHD and anxiety were just ramped up again. Silly us!) We will keep tabs on Dr. Smith, and be writing our family’s testimonial for his office. He will be featured in a book in January, a new and updated book to follow “Insights into Lyme disease” by Connie Strasheim. He’ll be in the L.A. news soon too, and I hope to have the video link for that once it comes out. I will absolutely share his information with anyone I hear about with Lyme disease!

Now that we are feeling so good, and released from our detox diet, I felt myself losing something. Focus. I have been so determined to “beat this thing” and so much of my life was focused on diet, healing, medicine, and how to get those things, that now, I wondered how to proceed. What food rules to follow. What to do, what to focus on. And at church this morning (we are attending regularly again! Amazed! Blessed! Excited!) the pastor, a friend of ours, said something that filled my questions with one answer. The answer I got years ago when I got sick and wondered what to do, how to keep going, and what to make of my situation then. “Bring glory to Me.” When I got sick, so many people tried to figure out how to “fix” it. Giving, helping, cooking, praying. So great. But I knew it was not to be fixed. I  knew I had to walk through it. Amazed at the peace I felt, I have done that. I’ve literally been afraid of what being well would be like. And now I’m here, and how amazing -God still has the answer, and oddly enough, it’s still the same: Bring glory. That’s still my mission. My purpose. My goal. So, whether I buy a six-dollar loaf of gluten free bread, or I buy a one-dollar loaf of wheat bread and give the other 5 bucks to someone who needs it, or whether I buy a food because it’s a good deal, or because I know the producers treat the earth, their animals, and most importantly their workers not just humanely but well, will have to depend on which one will bring glory to my loving Provider. I like rules, goals and schedules and lists. This one is so short, it’s hard to live by. But that, I suppose is my challenge.

“For whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it for the glory of God.”

I Corinthians 10:31

Coeur D’Alene, Idaho is so beautiful I could live there to the end of my days and still gape in awe at its beauty. But I realized I could not move there unless God sent me to do something there for His Kingdom. I pray that’s why I’m here now, where I am. And that my wander-lust doesn’t return and cause me to begrudge where I do live. For in His presence is fullness. And if I’m there (in His presence), I will always be in awe of beauty, always be at home, always be filled with my heart’s desire.

So here goes nothin’ …I’m going to go live this life:01cc3048b796249a497332f12e576b4f79b01d2d1b014c4d640c2a6d4906a8b138cebed6b9539399b9e8 Amazed.


One thought on “Amazed

  1. Dear Victoria,

    I loved reading your Blog Post. I forwarded it on to your Dad.

    I so related to your inquiry of God as to what is next.

    Since you are well the focus of my life has been changed.

    I too am inquiring of God as to what the next thing is that He has for me.

    Praying into Missions work especially. It may be right here in Holland or out in the world.

    I have responsibilities here at home that I won’t shirk but there is something more coming in my life.

    Psalm 58:8 says ” Let your light break forth in my life as the morning”.

    We are both in a morning phase that is dawning.

    Thanking God that you are well. Loved seeing you wear your Victorious jacket.

    It has more and more meaning to me after reading that when God is glorified you have Victory!

    Love, Momo



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