I just began reading the book “Bite Me” by Ally Hilfiger (yes, Tommy’s daughter), thanks to my aunt who has been an amazing support through my whole Lyme journey, and hos33f4534400000578-3581802-ally_hilfiger_details_how_the_debilitating_disease_affected_her_-a-62_1462829383545ted me many times as I went to see my doctor in Maryland. While I’ve not read enough of it yet to give a review, I’ve been reflecting on what she says in the beginning about memory. As I am now well enough to do things again, and am taking my kids places, I am waking up to the realization that I have forgotten so much. Lost Christmases, birthdays, and many in between ordinary days besides. I do not remember going places my kids insist I’ve been. It’s funny to me now, in a scary sort of way. I am well, so I laugh. But for Ally, her childhood is gone. Not so laugh-off-able. For all those who experience years of life lost to the fog, I am sorry. God bring you healing, and grace, to forgive what is forgotten.



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