A few tidbits

I got a call this evening from a friend who was in the ER all night having a scary episode that turns out to be Lyme disease. Her doctor was so proud of himself for diagnosing it. She is freaked out about having it. BUT the saving grace to it is, she remembers the tick bite, went into the ER with a rash, and they were able to diagnose it. All of those things mean GOOD for her: her body is actively fighting it. It has not been there long enough to go too deep. Insurance should cover the meds she needs since ER diagnosed it. And, the meds should help since it is early yet.

My husband was in the ER a week ago with raging fevers and pain, and turns out he had a kidney infection, caused by the passing of a kidney stone that got stuck for long enough to cause the infection, then he passed it. Miserable. Poor man. It’s been a long week. He’s finally perking up now. Detox shook up stones. He’s not loving detox these days.

On another note, another friend and I were talking about homemade and natural deoderants the other day. Detoxing is another step in living clean for me, and the deoderant front is one I have wanted to take on for a while. I did, and then went back to my Degree for Men (I’m a sweaty girl, not one of those dainties who “glows”).

So, for my friends, some tidbits:

Eat clean. Be clean. Smell clean.

Detox by drinking lemon-lime water. Lots of it. (Shake up those kidney stones!) Get the bugs out -dead or alive!

Detox your pits: mix kaolinic clay (I ordered in on Amazon for pretty cheap, and it came from Greece!) and white vinegar, enough to make a paste. Apply to pits. After 5-20 minutes then wash off. DO THIS before switching to natural or homemade deodorant. A couple times over the first week. It truly helps -after all, storebought stuff clogs up the pathways (so you don’t sweat or stink), but having them open is really healthier and cleaner in the end. It’s the in-between that stinks. literally. And, when making to using natural deoderant, you HAVE to have an anti-fungal like tea-trea oil, or I used a mix of clove and lavender (my go-to oils), or you will still stink.

My last thing is, I am so crazy delighted to be finished with a writing project (I hope to share it with the world once it’s published!) and to be driving, and for it to be summer, my kids are out of school, and I didn’t even dread it this year. We are actually looking forward to it! And they go to a new school in the fall, so this is a time to be intentional and love on them, quell fears, and build up community…I hope we settle into going to church again and find a “home” community. Detox our souls through open sharing with honest relationships.

Be well.



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