IMG_0742[1]Well, I am feeling so much better, have my brain back from the fog and dizziness, and have started driving again! I got a car! Nice, eh?

So… does this mean we disband my Care Team? Maybe we can simply re-route it, so we can all care for someone else, and still stay a group. They have been my “church” for two years now! Community. Support. Help. Healing. Friends. I owe  them all so much! I should give them all rides to places for the next year! (in my spiffy Matrix!)

God is good. All the time. I am so thankful He has brought me the gift of health, for this time. Spring has sprung, and so have I! I expect I will come down from the mania of it soon, but for now, so enjoying this! And using the energy to keep up with making all the homemade foods we have to eat while on this strict detox diet.

And how can I properly thank all the people who supported by praying and donating to get me through all the treatment!



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