Detoxing is going…well, it’s going. Pretty well, over all. Just… going. Lots of pills at every meal, powders-into-shakes twice a day, and the kids are really getting tired of everyone around them at school having treats they won’t get for a long time. And my husband and I are dealing with very gurgly tummies.

BUT, this weekend, we get to have eggs and tomatoes again! And even some red meat once in a while. Tacos, here we come! And I am SO making paleo doughnuts for the kids!

I get sore, and so very fatigued at times, but without the scrambled-scattered/shattered brain, I am able to function! Woohoo! Still riding that “high” a bit. Along with the warm weather, I am doing so much more than I have in years! I have to discipline myself to sit down and finish things. Like the writing project I am going to be doing the rest of this day.

I hope my next challenge will be test-driving my husband’s car (stick shift!) and see if I am capable of making decisions that quickly, responding to that much stimilus, and keeping everyone safe. If so, I hope to go car shopping! Honda, Toyota, maybe my own stick-shift (I do love manual trannies!) and as a final huzzah with my Care Team, which I desperately hope to disband very soon, we want to have a barn-gutting party to tear out the racoon-damaged ceiling of what should have been my husband’s art studio. Then, trash and/or burn what needs to be disposed of, put in insulation and new ceiling and soffets so critters can’t re-enter, and clean my livingroom of the art stuff that piles up there! SO excited to be DOING stuff!!

Can’t wait to make it to August, to evaluate the progress of all four of us with our detox, diet and all, and see the Dr. again in Idaho (so beautiful there…), and maybe really put this chapter of life known as Lyme behind us. Lord willing. (and hoping we don’t get more tick bites infecting us any time soon!)


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