social exhaustion

Those of you who suffer from chronic illness, depression or extreme introvertedness (I made that word up, but you know who you are) can relate to being socially exhausted. The need for quiet and alone, no one else talking, demanding attention (or food, or an answer, or help, or interaction of any kind!) grows so strong that simply being in the house with others is too much. You are exhausted. Well, at least, I am. A week with my family, nice as it was, meant that I was never alone. Shared sleeping space, walks, car rides, shopping, eating, traveling, and then home to unpack, sort out diet and supplements, plan meals, etc. Then, I get a video crew at my house to interview a friend of mine, then me, which was really way cool, but in our small house was rather full! And my husband stayed home for it. I was so tired afterward but couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t think to make dinner, and most of us didn’t feel like eating anyway. I couldn’t sleep during the night either. The dog needed help at 3am, and 6am. I barely held it together without snapping at my kids this morning who needed their pills, nutrition shakes, breakfasts and lunches made to fit the liver cleanse diet, and some extra TLC with getting ready for the bus. Then it dawned on me: I have social exhaustion. I am tired of people. Thankful today is quiet, and I get to finally do my devotions, dishes and other chores alone today (just me, and the buzzing/humming in my ears -which had been gone for a few days, since treatment in Idaho). I had better nap too. So much for getting much work done on my writing project.  Lord willing God will give me time and brain power for it tomorrow to work quickly. And the video they interviewed me for will be wonderful (as I think it will be!) and encourage and/or urge many.

To all who get this feeling too:  Jesus gets it. He had it too. (“But he would go away to places where he could be alone for prayer” Luke 5:16 God’s Word Translation “Jesus …went away …privately …to an isolated place. But when the crowd heard about it, they followed” Matthew 14:13 NET Bible) and yet He “felt compassion on them and healed their sick”(v.14) -He did it, He gives us the strength to do it. We can face the crowds (or our own children, families, coworkers and others in our lives) by HIS power.


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