Home again home again jiggety jig

Here we are now. Home again. And detoxing.

Which means: drinking this powder stuff mixed with (ice-cold! much better!) water, with fiber-mend added in. Taking some pills (milk thistle, niacin, Methyl-SP, for me.  A little different mix for each of the four of us). And each morning, I get burning-red blotchy on my face, arms and chest for about an hour. Not when I take my evening meal dose of milk thistle and the powders, though. Will call Dr. Smith’s office tomorrow to talk about that reaction. Not the worst I have endured, and worth it, if this detoxing will truly rid me of dying bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Thankfully the kids’ worst complaint thus far is the taste of the powder in their drink. And the lack of “goodies” –but I will be baking these next few days, making apricot bars (OK, hold on, those are no-bake), some paleo muffins, making granola, and skillet bread (got to love millet and buckwheat flours!). And something cacao-based for a chocolatey treat. I even got some avocadoes to make chocolate mousse in a few days.

Next tasks: unpack the two more boxes of pills the doctor sent to us. And put away the luggage we had to buy while in Idaho (in order fit all the nutritional support they gave us while there, and a few souvenirs). Then, make lentil chili and skillet bread for dinner. The paleo waffles for breakfast didn’t cook…they sort of crusted onto the waffle iron and caused angst. So I added buckwheat flour and made pancakes of the batter instead. Not sure how my mom masters those waffles! (maybe the flax-egg messed up the batter, which she uses eggs for? Will have to try again when we can have eggs again).

But hey, my head isn’t a cracked piece of glass anymore. The only way I can describe it is, since my second day of treatment I feel less fragile. Less dizzy, uncertain, shaky. That alone has given me a sort of “high” and burst of desire to do things. Praising God for that!! Heal us O Lord, and cleanse us! (and help us follow through with this detox plan!)


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