On the fly

Quickly now -here’s the scoop on flying in for the Lymestop treatment.

Got here all together, luggage and all. How nice! Rental car, the drive, the hotel are all splendidly making us feel well cared for. Dr. Smith is super nice, though distractable and direct. He focuses hard to find all the nasties in our bodies.

He does so by using our body’s electro-magnetic force, which he demonstrates by having us try to raise our arm against his hand, then try it with our other hand palm up on top our head. Can’t be done. So weird! Well, he found that I not only have Borrellia, Bartonella, Babesia, a couple of parasites, HHV-6 and CMV like I knew about, but also ten other things I didn’t know about. Treating them all in my six sessions while here, with his magnets, and pressing either his palm-side or outside of his hand against certain points on the body that react to those specific nasties. he says I am a bit of a record-setter with 17 things in me. Surprised I could stand on my own two feet to come to him.

My husband was found to have 12 things, my kids about ten each. All getting treatments -back and forth to the office several times a day! good thing the hotel is right around the corner, and we can walk most times for the exercise! And a beautiful view here! Who knew Idaho was so beautiful! A side of the Rockies I’ve never seen before. Love it!

Our Detox will start when we get home. The office gals are super helpful with that, and made us feel like we are allowed to be human (Not just patience, following orders like robots), and wait till we get home to start that. It may make us feel much worse, whereas the treatment has caused  tiredness, and a few aches in us all, but nothing drastic.

We will assess how successful this has been in several weeks, as we get through the detox. Still, can’t say I don’t believe him –he confirmed my suspicions and diagnoses in myself and my family. Finally feel I have answers to my kids’ tiredness, aches, and ills. Husband too. We shall see how much better we feel after a few months of detox. One thing… we did have to find a thrift store to get another piece of luggage to get all our detox supplements home! (but we loved checking out the local thrift stores, and we found a great deal on some really nice luggage! We shall just have to travel again to use it.) 😉



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