Idaho: here we go!

Our flights are booked (thanks to Mercy Medical Angels)! The car is rented/reserved. jet-imageThe hotel is booked (with a pool, of course!) and my son is on the hunt to see a mountain lion, hoping we find some wildlife park or preserve along the way. I just want to see Spokane, WA and the mountains in Idaho! (I do so miss mountains. This Colorado girl needs a mountain fix! A one hour layover in Denver isn’t enough to get out and have lunch with the family there, but at least we’ll be in the same city for an hour..and so close to the home of my earthly heart!)

We are getting ready to kennel the dog and cat, pack for beautiful weather, fly for the first time (for my husband and kids –and I’m so excited to share with them the sensation of being thousands of feet above the clouds!)

Lymestop treatment is so close we can feel it, and we are anxious to share how it works for us! I will try to post quick updates as we see how it makes us feel as we begin treatment, and diet, and then progress from there!

God’s provision has made this happen! As a friend prayed for me today: Let our pain turn into praise, and our weariness into worship. Amen!!!

Wow. Ok. I need a nap. And a to-do list. and a packing list. and some other lists, I’m sure.


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