Disability is victory

God selected the low and insignificant….So that no man should boast when in the presence of God. (I Corinthians 1:26-29)

I have won my position. I am approved for Disability by Social Security. What a strange victory. So thankful that I have been approved, that the judge looked at all the evidence (that the lawyer pulled together wonderfully!), that my doctor said so much about my condition and treatment, and that I will receive my benefits (eventually -it’s a slow process). I am extremely pleased that the lawyer, judge and my case were all based on my actual diagnosis: Lyme Disease. Many others have been denied with that diagnosis, as it has been written off by professionals all over the place. Praise God we proved that Lyme indeed does this to people! May it be a sign of changes to come!

Now to get better from this disability-causing disease…. our plans for treatment in Idaho are starting to come together. One month and we will see what happens at Lymestop!


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