Hum Bug

I think I will call Lyme the hum bug now. Not because it reminds me of Ebeneezer Scrooge (which must be pronounced with much flourish and horror, as in the George C. Scott film my dad watches every Christmas Eve). It causes a hum. Literally. My head has this permanent hum going, that sometimes crescendos into tinnitus.

Lyme is the ultimate bug. A “dudu” as it is called in Chigogo, the language spoken in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). My family is enjoying reading the book series by missionary doctor Paul White who was the “Bwana” there for years, and healed many of tick fever, and taught them how to prevent the infection and look for the “dudus” in the blood and their environment. I am astounded at how the medicines he could give in his make shift hospital equipment in rustic African plains could get patients so tremendously healthy. I try not to wonder what is going wrong in my case. Why I am still as sick as I was a year (or two or three) ago, after much treatment, lots of drugs, and yet again my blood work is showing signs that I will need a break from treatment, while symptoms just linger, and come and go like a cat on a sofa –“prevented” or not.

I have tried hard not to be a humbug this Christmas. And we have much. So much. to be thankful for. We have even been Saint-Nicholas’d a few times, with gifts in the mail or in person, with prayers and blessings. The listless lostness that I feel in the dizziness and fatigue and inability to think or self motivate is completely unrelated to the support and grace I am given. I see the good all around me, the gifts God sends. His Son. His Word. His Promise. His Love. His Power.

In times like these, I remember what a mentor has said many times, “remember what we know, no matter what we feel.” And what I know is this:

    By the tender mercy of our God the rising sun has come to us from heaven to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace. (see Luke 1-2)

The rising sun has come. Christmas. Not just for a day. The path of peace is infinite. He rose to lead us on it, forever. Let’s go for a walk.





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