Whole lot’a precious ti-i-i-ime

“It’s going to take time, whole lot ‘a precious time…patience and time, to do it, to do it, to do it right, child” goes the song.

And that’s how it is. Healing takes time. Emotional, mental, physical. Recovering from shock, or injury or surgery or illness. Ugh. If you rush it, you get rotten miracles. The slower you go, the quicker you heal.

Not what we like to do. But it’s what I do a lot of. Take the time to heal (I hope!)

Having gone off IV antibiotics due to low white blood cell count, I was hopeful I could stay off them. Alas I slipped further into fatigue, aches, and dizziness. So now that I’m back on them, I just hope healing is happening as I wait. Till April….and “Lymestop” and the three month detox that follows it.

“Going to take money, whole lot ‘a spending money… I got my mind set on you!” Healing.

(Thanks, George -post-Beatle) https://youtu.be/XZGYYDvZnpg


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