UV or not UV?

possibilitiesIn the search for treatment, as IV antibiotics for two years has gotten me ..a little better, but not super better, and I’ve been off of them now for almost two weeks due to low white blood cell count (back up today, yay!) got me thinking about a break from the hardcore drugs. What else can I do? Will talk to the specialist this evening about it all.

I’ve posted about options like Rife, Zyto, herbals and such. Well here is another one: UVBI, or Ultra Violet Blood Irradiation therapy. I did one session of it. It’s pricey. They take a liter of blood out, run it through a UV light, add some more oxygen, then send it back in after going through the UV a second time. Some anecdotal reports say it helped tremendously. Some warn of radiation.

Then there is colloidal silver. Again, some folks swear by it. Trying it now 1 tsp morning and night, for myself, and kids, and husband. We’ve got to do something to stop us all feeling junky!

Our big finale, shall we call it for now, is looking at CranioBiotic Therapy and something called Lymestop, done by a christian chiropractor in Idaho. Muscle trigger points worked to identify and deal with bacteria, viruses, allergies, etc. and then a few month’s nutritional support to aid in the detox. Ending with a 6-month follow up.

And the crazy thing? Our primary physician actually attests to the Idaho thing (hasn’t mentioned the rest). Also, when at a clinic for the UV treatment, a staff member let slip that someone who had worked there got Lyme, got so sick and debilitated, and is going to Idaho to get treatment. Huh. God-signs?

The Lord has our family in His hands. All our aches, ailments and all. We will be well. As we pray for wisdom and strength to get there, it is my true prayer that He be glorified. What would you do? Try UV till we can get in at Idaho (scheduling 5 months out)? Keep on the big drugs? Quit it all and run away to the mountains?

Praising God and so thankful for possibilities.



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