Gala night

Tj’s designed image for the Park Theater location of the Kickoff Gala for the Victory Over Lyme campaign fundraiser.

Amazing efforts, incredible talents, herculean stamina and many, many people made this event come together. And the fundraiser has just begun! Hopefully Tj and the crew take a much deserved day off tomorrow!

I cannot express the humble gratitude I have for what is being done. The more we talk about this, spread our story, and connect with others who have suffered the effects of Lyme disease, the more I realize how good I have it. I have Lyme. I feel yucky. So do my husband and kids (more about that to come) but we have so much. I can’t help but ask, “why?” Why us? Why do we get sick, have pain, suffer? and yet, why do we get help, love, care, opportunity? I can answer both questions. The first question’s answer is: This world is broken, sick, and sinful. Unhealed. Therefore, sickness, pain, evil –they run through us all. The second question’s answer: God has mercy. His people who are in my life are obeying His call, which He blesses. I don’t deserve it. But it’s not really about me. Well, it’s a little about me -I am getting the “I love you” note from my creator, provider, protector, savior and King. And everyone who participates in it gets some of the love and blessing too.

I often ask myself what I will do as I am able to do more. It’s hard to fathom in the midst of a day full of chasing prescriptions, hearing about blood counts from doctors and pharmacists, doing or rearranging meds, caring for my child who now feels sick constantly, sorting out his schooling and behavior, planning the meals we will eat as a family free of dairy and wheat to see if that helps, swallowing the tears of frustration, and listening to my body’s needs (which at the moment should be sleep, but the bowels have other plans). But I want to think of what I will do in that “someday” that is coming. I can do a little more than I used to a year ago. I can play with my kids outside for half an hour. Granted, they make it sound like I’ve done much more than I actually have, but hey, good for all of us. I can watch actively enough that I get “brownie points” anyway. And I have to keep my heart set that I will do more to help them gain victory over Lyme as well. And I really hope I can help others gain victory, over Lyme, over sin, over this broken world.

Two of the messages I got today were: 1. do something, and God will direct you in where to go & what to do (don’t sit there waiting to even start); and 2. when beginning an endeavor, talk to Him about it (before exhausting yourself and hitting a dead end). I can see that this is what my family has done to put together this fundraiser. And what I will do for treatment, and whatever is beyond that.

Onward and Upward


One thought on “Gala night

  1. What a beautiful response Victoria!
    I am so blessed to have you as a daughter.
    One of my life mottoes is “I am blessed and a blessing to others”
    It was a great evening and well worth the effort.


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