So here we go

Who’s coming to the gala? November 15th at the Park Theater, downtown Holland: Art about Worship, great blues guitar, info about Lyme, and raising funds for my treatment -be there! (some drinks and foods too). lyme Site

Seriously, though, it is extremely humbling to have a group of people raising funds just for my family, for my treatment. As if the illness hadn’t shown me enough humility already (I suppose there is always room for more in that department, considering how imperfect we are before the absolutely perfect God who made us).

Today’s adventures in Lyme are that I have once again changed medications. I no longer have to drip Rifampin for three hours a day -Yes! (that was the red stuff that made me so irritable). And my Doxycycline is now lowered to 200mg so I run that for an hour every day, along with a syringe of Cefepime twice a day, and starting tomorrow, will begin a syringe of Daptomycin daily. But hey, I’m down to 2 1/2 hours of infusions a day (when not days I do Magnesium for 2 hours) –that’s way better than the 7 I was doing! We shall see how I handle the switch.

The other adventure takes me to the Detroit area, for lunch with my 93-year old grandfather, and a visit with a possible new doctor. Lord give us all wisdom in this adventure. And give my family favor, as I will ask him to read the Igenex test results on my husband and kids –which I suspect means they should be treated, but without a doctor saying so, the misty grayness of the whole case is larger than I can sort out myself right now.

No turning back, no turning back. The world behind me, the cross before me. No turning back. The adventure continues. Won’t you come for a bit of the ride? November 15th come see us! Or come online and keep a watch on what’s happening. Thank you. Walk in His peace.


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