lymee’s resume’

If I were to hire a replacement me, the resume for me would include:

Adept skills in intravenous injection medications, including reconsitituting medications to insert in the drip bag, hooking up tubing and rate flow dials, flushing the PICC line appropriately, sterile cleanliness of every interaction with the PICC and medications.

Coordination of medications, including timing each dose for greatest efficacy and avoiding placing medications too close together that would decrease efficacy or cause complications. Monitor prescriptions, refill as necessary. Develop schedule for doses and execute injesting daily.

Organization of all medical information, such as symptom log, doctors’ information and orders, test results, medication lists containing each item and it’s intended purpose, monitoring of blood work, and containment of all supplies for intravenous treatment.

Practiced in the discipline of napping.

Familiar with alternative healing methods, essential oils and their uses, foods that heal (or harm) and how to prepare them (or avoid them).

Creative cook, willing to experiment with alternative ingredients, familiar with vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, sugar free and yeast free diets and ingredients.

Understand the time involved in healing and treatment, and willingness to follow the course.

Ability to discern when help is required, and seek it out in a timely manner.

Oversee activities, homework, health, appointments, attitude, tasks and meals for persons with ADHD, tummy aches, orthotic footwear, glasses, and some sensory differences.

Maintain faith filled relationship with Jesus Christ.

Well, maybe I don’t even qualify. But hey, a girl can laugh at herself, right?


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