Information Crossroads and my new job

My Aunt runs her own research service in Maryland called Information Crossroads.  When I go to the doctor I stay with her and my uncle. And this month has been a crossroads of sorts, and lots of information to process.

I thought I’d have to quite the IV treatment, since the funds and the opportunity seemed gone. But seeing the doctor this time once again put my mind to figuring out how to continue. I don’t want to lose all my progress. And I would if I quit now. And she has new research from Johns Hopkins University studies showing that the combination of Cefepime, Doxycylcine and Rifampin kill of the bacteria and even persistor cells. So…guess what I’m on now? =)

Yep, my new full time job: dripping antibiotics. 4 hours of one, 3 hours of another, a 10 minute push twice a day, and then the 2 hour magnesium dose three times a week (just in case I missed the IV pole by then). ;p

So here I sit, and here I’ll stay, until the prescription runs out, something else happens, or we get the fundraiser thing going to get me back to the doctor, at one of her new offices (once she gets settled). So thankful school starts for my kids. They go, I drip. and hopefully nap, and write. I have a bit of a deadline to write -and only by God’s grace and provision (of time, energy and brain-power) will I make that.

All things are possible. And I got signs again today of provision for this path for my life and treatment. I don’t know that I believe I could be driving within two months, like the doctor said could be possible, but I certainly have hope for the future (even though I can’t imagine future yet).

These three remain: faith, hope and love. (I Corinthians 13:13)


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