Hunk Food

Seriously, it’s perfect: Healthy jUNK food. HUNK food! My new favorite thing to make, eat, and maybe talk about or share. so versatile.

It’s when you take a junk food and healthy-fy it. Or you use healthy foods to make “junk” snacks. 

Like Kale chips (baked with olive oil and salt, even my potato-chip and pickles daughter eats tons of  them! She also wolfs down air-popped corn with coconut oil and sea salt, licks the bowl…)

No-Tell-A …ummmm.. yeah… perfect. on Buchwheat pancakes (no eggs, no wheat, no nothin’ but goodness, and easy to make a bunch of fast, and use like bread for sandwiches even! or lots of No-Tell-A…) I will share the recipe.

There is healthy chocolate. Raw. super strong flavor, energy boosting (still has caffein, so I have to watch that!) with nutrients in it. Mix with some coconut oil and stevia, and if you must a dab of maple syrup, cool…add nuts or coconut or almond butter…and scarf it down!


white beans, coconut flour, walnuts, coconut sugar…SooOOoo good!

What about chocolate quinoa cake? coconut cake? all flourless, natural sugar with nutrients in it, so yummy.

garbonzos many ways: roasted like nuts, or cooked and put into any salad, or used to make chickpea (instead of chicken) salad, or into hummus to dip anything into, or simply soaked then smashed/blended with herbs and spices and fried in patties into falafel. LOVE falafel when i don’t crumble it all into a messy pile…thought that works good on salad too.

Meals like zucchini boats (stuffed with the innerds of the zucchini, with garbanzos or cracker crumbs, cheese if you roll that way, onion, garlic, mushroom if you like that, sausage if that’s your game, and baked to deliciousness) give me room to make what I eat, and add a few tidbits to make the rest of the family a meal they enjoy too. Sort of like make-your-own pizza.

Rice cakes make me happy. As do SnaPea Crisps (on days I’m eating rice). Lentil chips aren’t bad, especially with hummus and fresh veggies (on days I am avoiding grains).

Oh and then there are sweet potatoes baked as “fries” and served with veganaise-based herbed dressing to dip. Or carrot fries!

Oatmeal is great, and inspiring too. Hot for breakfast, or as granola (my favorite right now is from the More with Less cookbook, the apple crunch recipe, but without the apple pieces. Just use some applesauce as part of the sweetener, and add some extra nuts and seeds). Then there are “energy bites” or “no bakes” made from oats. Yeah. that’s hunk food. nuts, seeds, oats, nut-butter, cacao powder, coconut oil heated, mixed all…into balls ,or simply eaten with a spoon = “no bakes”  The “energy bites” might be nuts, seeds, oats, coconut, etc. with nutbutter, cacao nibs, and rolled into balls.

But we can’t leave out the baked stuff. muffins. scones. pancakes. cookies. cakes. I’ll try making just about anything “my version” that’s sugar free, gluten free, yeast free but tasty. Ginger cakes, raw honey nut balls, hemp-coconut “snow balls”, spinach balls (almost like a breadstick), oat muffins, coconut & sweet potato or pumpkin muffins….

What makes it healthy? Coconut oil is in almost everything, and is packed with good fats as an oil. Olive oil is the other I usually use. Then there’s the “right” salt (sea salt only), the raw cacao with all it’s nutrients intact and the high fiber and low fat of grains like oats, millet, rice (brown all the way baby!), or seeds like flax, quinoa, hemp, walnut, almond, pecan, or high nutrient non-grains like the amazing buckwheat, coconut and tapioca flours.

And I almost forgot Chia! Chia pudding, chia jam, chia in oatmeal, on granola, or instead of granola with some crushed nuts (on grain free days). oh how I love Chia seeds.

Oh that reminds me of ice cream. Coconut blueberry ice cream, anyone? Straight from the Lyme Inflammation Diet cookbook. Healthy, scrumptious, and easy and it looks and feels like you’re getting a “real” ice cream treat like everyone around you. 😉 LOVE that! (here’s link to similar, though tidbit different than whats in the cookbook and a scoche less ice creamish)

OK. I need to be done now. But oh, the possibilities, given the time and energy…have your people call my people, let’s do lunch.


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