What I’m doing now

It’s Friday, so it’s Med delivery day, and Rifampin day. Thankfully the kids were able to go play somewhere else (for their sake and mine) while I dealt with these. 3 hours dripping makes mommy cranky and tired. Sorting meds and supplies is just a bit of a chore. The pile of supplies and non refrigerated meds awaits me.IMG_0372

Then some sorting: and bagging and marking.IMG_0369

And now I’m ready for another week. All the refrigerated meds are in their labeled-by-day- bags and in the fridge, and my supplies are all bagged and labeled for each dose.

IMG_0373 Now I can blog, and take a nap and pray for my children and husband, so I don’t snap at them when they come home. Praise God for dinner in the crock pot. Life is manageable, mostly. I just have to stop, breathe, manage things one at a time, and take a nap, and go from there. I wonder if any changes are in store for me when I talk to the doctor on Wednesday. More thoughts after that, Ta-ta for now.


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