waves of uncertainty underfoot

6ccf0-6x6_itdoesnthavemeIn the Lymelife: this month has been reasonably uneventful. Which is nice. Just the daily sorting and dosing of medicines, I.V. supplies and such (anyone want some syringes or ziploc bags? I have tons!!)

I think it is safe to say I am making some gains. I can think more clearly for a good portion of the day, and actually clean and accomplish some things at home. And I actually miss driving places -being able to just up & go for a quick errand. Haven’t even missed it in so long.

Interestingly, a little sleep deprivation and a cloudy day slow me down quite a bit. Something about rest and sunshine that improves all the functions. And worship. Joining in praise songs, reading Psalms, talking to and listening to my source, my healer, the ruler of the Universe -I’m being healed where it really matters.

I think on the blessing of God on our family: He is here. And I see so many gifts, so much provision. And I’m trying hard to walk out the word He gave me: obedience before blessing. As if the blessing is just up the road of obedience, if I will but walk toward it. I’ve seen this at work several times lately in my giving and receiving. And I ache to boldly share Him with this hurting world. I’ve listened carefully to the lyrics of songs praising our Healer. And trusting when the healing doesn’t come. Reflected on the words on contentment no matter the circumstance. Prayed God’s hand do things where and when my hands cannot. And I cry for help with my frustration at how I feel or react, how the kids act, what happens, etc. (but feeling frustrated is a good sign that I’m getting better too!) while I also attempt to look ahead at my job responsibilities increasing a little with hope that I will continue to improve and know how to pace myself.

I’m trying to sort out what summer will be like. And how to manage the kids being home. And how to get treatment for them and hubby. We met with our family physician the other day. I don’t think he believes it was through me that any of them got Lyme. He is ordering more tests on my husband (CD-57 and some other things to rule out other causes of symptoms). And referred us to the Children’s Hospital Infectious Disease doctor for the kids. Seems he doesn’t want to treat their Lyme. Meanwhile, parenting knowing they have Lyme has made me think so much more about every complaint the kids constantly bring up: tummy, head, this or that joint, the moodiness, tiredness, etc. The stress of our situation alone could explain so much, not to mention the way they are trying to process the idea that they too have Borreliosis (Lyme). But what to do about it?

Guess I need to get that oil diffuser and get some Lavender and Peppermint going as soon as I can! Alright, next click is AmazonSmile… and keep singing “take me out upon the water…take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger, in the presence of my Savior..


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