ve-ry interestingk….but stupidt!

When spoken in a bad, movies-style German accent, this saying was part of my childhood. Ask my dad where it came from, because I don’t remember, if I ever knew. Maybe an SNL bit, or a Jerry Lewis character? Anyway, we often used it, when both adjectives applied to a situation. And this week applies.

The interestingk-

Glutathione. I have read about the extreme effects it can have on Lyme patients. When a patient is “herxing” (having a bad Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, meaning the patient is on antibiotics that are attacking the bacteria, releasing the bacteria from it’s cysts and into the bloodstream, and/or the bacteria is actually dying off, and the body is reacting in any way it can to try to get the stuff out, like sneezing is a reactionary way the body gets rid of gunk in the nose) glutathione can cause sudden relief. Or sudden onset of symptoms. Glutathione itself is a detoxifying agent the body produces. I’m on NAC and some other supplements that help the body produce it. But I finally got to go the Born Clinic (beautiful place! and they sell these cool shower-safe sheets of Scripture claiming your healing in Jesus’ name!). There I got an injection of 600mg of glutathione, expecting to have either a great or terrible reaction, which is why my Lyme doctor said to go to a clinic for the injection rather than just get it at home. I got next to nothing. A headache. Ve-ry interestingk.

Now for the “stupidt” part-

That same day I was already feeling the onset of Dorkface Duh-brain returning to replace the “me” I was beginning to feel again. (Kudos to those of you who know Duh-brain from the How to Train Your Dragon books, not movies). I had felt so much better for a few days and the brain fade that was setting in made it hard to follow, hard to care, what was going on. That feeling set in an hour or two after I got over feeling like someone had slipped caffeine in my decaf -mind racing, heart beating fast, feeling artificially energized yet exhausted. Wait a sec -that was yesterday. Ah, so waking up with Duh-brain today does make sense. It was hard to care or think until I got a two hour nap.

I’ve noticed some more “interestingk” things about my treatment and condition. I still waver between that caffeinated or manic feeling, and so tired I could cry. Every few hours I feel like I’m coming down with the flu. I think it’s the Tinidazole doing it. I had been taking it only Sat. and Sun. for months. Now I had a full week off (last week -when I started to feel better) and am on it all seven days this week. Such change is necessary in treating Lyme, or the bacteria learns to defend against the meds. So it’s a good thing if I’m having some reaction; it means the meds are doing something to the bacteria. And, if I get a good long nap, like today, I do still get a few hours of good functioning. B-12 shots have been added to my regimen too, and I think that will help. Today I got out for a second walk, and I even seriously parented today! My kids were not so excited about mopping floors, and me taking away screen time or keeping them picking up their stuff or putting attitudes in check. I can tell we’re all used to me just taking the easy way out so we can just sit on the couch. And since it was still hard to care much, I kept totally cool about it all, until after making and cleaning up from dinner.

No wonder I felt the crash afterward -shivers, aches, headache, nausea, irritable, etc. etc. -after my evening dose of pills, and during my three hours of IV drips. Usually those IV’s chill me out and put me to sleep. But tonight I feel so out of whack I can’t sleep.

Yep, there is battle being waged in my system. That I can tell. “Butter side up, do or die!” says me. And God’s gotten me hooked up with more than just a snick-berry switch to fight with. (Please tell me you know The Butter Battle Book!)So I refuse to stop and think about being sick of being sick. I may look forward to doing more things -like riding bikes with my kids, who are now both training wheel free! (that was an amazing feat accomplished, for both me and my daughter, on Sunday)- but not so much that I pine for days that aren’t here yet. God is here now. My family is here now. I am here now. Here is where I must stay, and as my wellness coach said, make it my goal to be “present”.

Even if it is “ve-ry interestingk…but stupidt” where I am. 😉 OK, I couldn’t help it – I found it! “Interesting but stupid


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