jagged little pill (or 20)

Breakfast of champions. Or at least me. Not pictured: the protectimageive guard oils drops, oregano nasal spray, IV antibiotics and antifungal, and B-12 shot. Oh and food… For better absorption. 😉 champion- I am getting there. I’m a contender at least. I am gaining some strength of mind and body. I think even the dizziness dissipating some! WOohoo!!

Glad for the tiredness the meds bring on that keep me napping (when I don’t nap them off I feel funkier).

God has given me a challenge from 2 Corinthians (Message). I will be a victorious champion when I am: more alive, more concerned, more sensitive, more reverent, more human, more passionate, more responsible, with purity of heart. That is my goal, my aim from these “trials”. To be More.

Progress feels so good. Must keep on ..with meds, trips to the doctor, and eating intentionally, carefully, so as to not lose what I’ve gained. But SO happy I’m finally gaining!!

Thanks to all who are walking this challenge with me. And those who purchase items from me on eBay 😉


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