Info to know

A friend of mine caught wind of this and I must share it:

The nature center near my house is putting on an informational event about Lyme:

Lyme Disease: What All Nature Enthusiasts Should Know

April 18, 2 – 4 PM, Hemlock Crossing, Nature Education Center
Free-of-charge; no registration required.

Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases are an emerging concern in western Lower Michigan. This program will discuss the ecology of ticks, the current knowledge of impacts on Michigan citizens and the prevention of tick-borne diseases. This information will be valuable to anyone who works or plays in natural areas in West Michigan.

I hope to attend, to see what all they are informing about, and would love for friends and anyone who knows anyone touched by Lyme to come! And, wow, for other Lymers to come –we could actually meet each other, be in public and –gasp, dare we??– be outside…

Until then, we stay in our caves, praying and listening for God’s voice, with our meds running, spending our time hooking up to meds, taking meds, sorting meds, calling doctors and pharmacies, and finding ways to pay for the bills they charge. And getting better, hang it all, getting better!!!


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