why not? I’m going to blog with med-head today! so there. ;p

Back from the latest trip to Maryland. The snowed-in day, and thankfully the doctor came in special just to see me on Friday (they are usually closed Fridays) before I spent the rest of the day in airports and planes.

I did not have to get more blood work done this time! yay!

Reviewing last months’ tests revealed one more compounding factor, though: mold.

So I must come in pairs. I’ve got 2 bacteria, 2 parasites, 2 viruses, and you guessed it, 2 kinds of mold lodged in my system.

To treat this, I am on another IV med, and the doctor warned me this month would be tiring. This med would make me tired (what’s new??? they all make me tired. But I sleep it off and I am OK for a few hours). I think this one means generally and constantly tired for weeks. We shall see.

But I am excited that for now, at least, it seems we have made it through the investigating what’s going on in my body, and are simply –OK, maybe not simple, but hey– treating what we have found is in there.

So I’m home, have called my infusion pharmacy, my new compounding pharmacy, the Born Clinic (have appt. there next week to get started with Glutathione treatments), my doctor in Maryland, my primary doctor’s office (to see about getting the kids tested for Lyme), and just for fun, my husband’s neurosurgeon and massage therapist since he’s home in pain again today. Ran my usual Monday med: vanco, and then had a nurse here to start me on my newbie: Micofungin. Bye-bye awake-brain. But I still got a little computer work done –love my job!!!! keeps me aiming at functioning fully again!!– Now it’s time for a nap. It’s a good day. (feeling accomplished).


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