Rise and report

It’s high time I said something about how things are going.

It is still frozen everywhere around me. Snow is high, winds come and go. It is cold. And when the sun comes out I need sunglasses even in the house, the reflection is so bright!

As for my progress in Lyme disease treatment, there is more to say.

I am almost to the March appointment with my doctor in Maryland. That’s January and February -two treatment months- behind me! And that means the 12 week plan I am currently in is over half finished!

I continue to use IV infusion antibiotics every 12 hours (Vancomycin M-Th, Clindamycin Fri-Sun), IV Magnesium three days a week, and several oral antibiotics, and antimalarial, and since my bloodwork showed parasites as well as viruses I am on Mepron twice daily and an inti-viral twice daily. Though I am on a gluten free, sugar free, yeast free diet, I still struggle to keep yeast at bay and so I am on Sporanox three days a week, as well as Nystatin twice daily. When I am not sleeping off the grogginess of an IV med, sorting what to take, picking up a refill at the pharmacy, or sorting the medical supplies that come along with it all, I do think I am gaining some brain back.

Lake Michigan still moves beneath the freeze

Lake Michigan still moves beneath the freeze

I actually have some pep in my step and can think for a chunk of a day! I think of it all like the frozen lake, like I am under the illness, but things are moving underneath. And when spring comes…it will all move, splash and melt away the illness! I have hope. No -wrong word. I do have hope, but that is a greater hope for far greater things that last far longer (“My hope is in You. Show me Your ways. Guide me in truth in all my days. My hope is in You!” as Third Day sings the Psalms). But I have also now some expectation (?) Is that the right word? Anticipation? I mean, I expect things to be slow, and to have setbacks, and perhaps roadblocks -what would life be without those? they bring us to our need for our Savior- but for the first time in a long while, I remember and feel I can look forward again to things like bike riding, kayaking, walks with my family, days at the beach, sledding, tree climbing, maybe even swimming, perhaps driving a car(!). Woah. I just made myself dizzy thinking through that list. But I remember what they feel like. I feel something besides the nerve-tension instant reaction to hide in my shell because I can’t handle even being touched. I’m realizing that in that shell is where I’ve lived for a long while now.

I still walk slowly, with some difficulty at times, still have “tippy head” and scrambled brain, have aches and twinges (actually sort of had a break from them while I was complete ooze on the new meds. But it seems as I come out of the ooze and become more solid, some aches return. Still, I’ll take some aches over ooze!) but I speak stronger, think stronger, and feel a little stronger.

Whew. OK, time for a break now. Wonder what next week will bring -more blood-test results, more conversation with the doctor…changes to the plan? Whatever it brings, “let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.” (Psalm 62:5)


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