Baltimore bound

So here I am. In Maryland again. Thanks to about a dozen people making life work both with and for me, and with and for my family at home (love you, Hubby! Miss you and the kids!).

I have to say, a skycap is a beautiful thing. Wheelchair from door to gate, all through security and everything at both airports. It was awesome. I actually had a tad of energy left to eat dinner and see my hosts -aunt and uncle- when arriving for the night.

And, as I’ve said before, never underestimate my mom. She is holding me up. Literally, at times. She is my travel companion and caregiver extraordinaire.

She helped me get to and set up a display table for CLC Network at a conference, and we got to have brunch with the amazing Barb Newman. Then guided me home as I did meds, and then took a long nap. And we got some groceries for dinner at Trader Joe’s! Now I’ve been to one in person. And I learned the connection between Trader Joe’s and Aldi: the owners are brothers! It all makes so much sense now. This was a good day.

I see the doctor tomorrow. To review all the blood tests they took last month. To discuss antibiotic levels (and probably increase them). And to ask questions, and get more supplements and review my plan (a 12 week plan for my treatment at this point).

I am still astounded at the provision and help that is making my treatment possible. I would post more, but the IV magnesium is oozing into my brain, which is already tired, so sorry that’s all I’ve got right now. Next up: vancomycin. Then bed.


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