“Accessible Gospel, Inclusive Worship” – New book from Barbara J. Newman

I celebrate this book by my dear friend, mentor, coworker/boss, and true co-laborer in Christ’s work. Every human being should read it, to understand people, relationship and spiritual growth better. It’s been so blessed, we know it is God’s work!

Making Us Whole

Accessible Gospel, Inclusive WorshipBarbara J. Newman, an author and contributor to more than 20 books and resources relating to disability ministry and inclusion, offers practical ideas and advice to churches worldwide in her latest book, Accessible Gospel, Inclusive Worship. The 128-page book, published by CLC Network, encourages churches to introduce the Gospel and nurture faith formation within children and adults with disabilities.

“I heard the mother of a child with autism ask a well-known speaker how she could introduce her daughter to God several years ago,” said Newman. “The speaker replied, ‘God is too hard for people with autism to understand.’ and it broke my heart.”

“I’m often asked questions similar to this in my work with parents and church leaders around the country,” continued Newman. “In fact, these questions were part of the impetus for starting the Church Services division of CLC Network eight years ago. Though we’ve published resources on…

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