Reaction time

New meds means possible reactions. Oh that healing feeling.

I am now currently on (I share this list in hopes that others who might need such treatment will know more about what to ask about):

tinidaze (oral) with little reaction after 4 months on it

itraconazole (oral) with no seeming side effects. Hope it helps keep yeast down. Along with continuing a gluten free, yeast free , sugar free diet.

monocyline (oral) which ramps up the dizzy and tired symptoms. Must be getting at the Lyme bacteria.

Clindamycin (IV) with dizzying and tiring effects and some chest ache.

Vancomycin (IV) some dizziness and fatigue but also some itchy burnt feeling pokiness on my scalp with some blotchy skin and headache.

Just a few more new ones to add over the next few weeks.

Probiotics and GI healing supplements seem to be helping a good deal inside.

Naps are seemingly vital to this mix for my healing. I prescribe one now. Oh wait it’s dinner time. How about after that.  While I let my magnesium (IV) run. That always puts me to sleep anyway. (But strengthens my cells and eases inflammation and muscle spasms. )

So thankful for good care by infusion nurses. And doctor who knows her stuff when it comes to fighting Lyme. And support network who deals with the rest of my life. And God who knows all and is worthy of praise and never leaves my side.


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