Processing fee

Today is processing day. Process all the information I got from the Lyme specialist now that I’m home. Process the trip, and what’s happening in my head (again, got off the train, and I’m still in-motion a bit more than my usual dizziness). Process the Visa expenses we paid, and will yet be paying. Process laundry, groceries, and the snow-day my kids have from school (was hoping to have this day to be alone to deal with all my stuff, but oh well). And the fee I owe my body: sleep, rest, quiet, and being home.

Some highlights from the trip:

The appointment went well, and I am happy that I am beginning a new plan that includes half a dozen antibiotics, and a dozen supplements. Actually the supplements come first, to repair my system a bit before starting antibiotics, one at a time (one I am already on).

We did not crash in the crazy traffic or the snow-ice mess that was all over the DC area.

The kids got to see the National Aquarium (and I got a nap)!

I got something memorable, and applicable: a Tick Key. Thanks to the Nature Center in Columbia, MD. Useful for pulling ticks off & out without squeezing them. I’m sure I will have to use it.


My souvenir from Maryland

We made it home through the snowstorm that hit Michigan during the night we were on the train back. Only took an extra 3 hours between the train running late and the extra drive time it took. Better late than slipping off-road like others we saw.

OK, so…time to go sort out what time and what day I take what pills, collect some more saliva samples for the test I have to send back to MD, make the grocery list, see if we can get the driveway plowed, and go get a new PICC-line put in, and I forget what else. Still processing.


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