We’re off…to Maryland. The train sounds exciting and a little scary right now. It’s been a long week, so nerves are on edge. But, the provision of God continues to astound us all.

Friends have helped us, fed us, and have supported this trip. An anonymous pre-paid Mastercard in the mailbox surprised us yesterday. We got help with sorting, playing with the kids (thanks to all your kids, friends!) and even eating up whatever’s left in our fridge before we leave.

Oh, thank you. My aunt and uncle are hosting us –what fun to talk with them on the phone today!

I will not be bringing my Magnesium treatment, as the IV stand and having to keep the Magnesium refrigerated is a bit tricky on this trip, So I am grateful for prayers that my nervous system doesn’t miss it too much, and that if I do have spasms, they don’t hinder travel.

Hello, 2015. Hello, Lyme specialist. Come with me, hope. See you soon, friends. Praise God!


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