Taking a breath to thank God for stable.

A stable in which I live, mostly functionally. A stable equipped for humble service. A stable where the Word became flesh.

This week I have been asked a few times what improvement I’ve seen in my Lyme treatment, as I look forward to seeing a specialist next month. Most react in a little shock and sadness when I say “none.” but I am just glad for the “stable condition” I do have. I will not accept this as “as good as it gets”, no. I will pursue improvement. But, I am so thankful for reaching a stable place, beyond the seizure-like episodes and I’m used to coping with dizziness and lack of energy and forethought.

I’ve also been able to talk this week about the way I am of use to God now in a way I was too busy to be before having Lyme. Having weakness, need, inability to help ones’ self does indeed humble one. For me, I pray it will result in praise, glory, and honor to my King. (see I Peter 1:6-7). I can pray for and with other families with Lyme. I receive help from friends and family, and they fill my heart and home with joyful giving. They are happy to give, which has made me happy and given me the ability to think how to give as well. And that makes me happy. I can share God’s Word, in tidbits, with nurses, delivery people, and anyone else who comes to my door because of my illness, as It is my source of hope. You’ll soon see my family Christmas letter, written as testimony to God’s care this year. 

The King of the universe joined the human condition to be redemption from it. He chose a stable for his entrance. I too can be content with stable until He sees fit to move me out of it.


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