Anyone else felt like this???

Yesterday I started to melt, shiver, ache, you name it.

Could not function by dinner time. My husband got dinner, told me to try eating some porridge, and put the kids to bed, then me to bed. (Thanks, my darling man). By the way, chia seeds warmed up with cashew milk and pecan meal is awesome porridge with a bit of stevia to sweeten it.

It occurred to me that I have felt that way before. When I had mastitis when nursing the kids. So, I am wondering if this was more than just the onset of the cold I seem to have caught from my daughter. But, if I’m on 3 antibiotics, how could I get an infection? Or is this a Lyme episode? A reaction to the antibiotics? But I’ve been on them for months now. Did I over-do it again, causing the episode? I don’t know.

Thankfully the feverish chills broke during the night, the sharp aches in my ears, knees, hips and chest eased so I could move, I slept and am able to do a slow but almost normal (for me, these days) level of activity –get the kids ready for school and on the bus, wash up from breakfast. Need to sit now, but hey, that’s pretty good considering how I felt 12 hours ago!

So, yeah, have you ever had such a thing? What caused yours??


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