Figure. What a versatile word. “watching my figure” “figure it out” “that figures” “what are the figures?” “figure skater” OK, I’m a geek, I love words. I do not love figures. Though I am encouraged by some.

  1. The figures in Ottawa county of persons diagnosed with Lyme are rising. Why is that encouraging? Because the county health department is tracking cases! That means it’s being recognized. And makes the fight for treatment all the more validated. Lyme disease is an epidemic, world-wide. I am hoping and praying that it gets recognized where it exists. Australia really needs help in that area! (see article about an 8 year old boy who wrote to the Prime Minister because the government in Australia says there is no Lyme disease there.) So does the US’s CDC, whose definition of the disease and its treatment is too narrow, as they would define my case as “Post-Lyme Treatment Syndrome” and does not recognize “chronic Lyme” as a condition.
  2. God’s economics of blessing make figures like $960 or so come in from scrap metal, donated by all kinds of generous people, and recycled at Black River Recycling (Louis Padnos metals). Wow. With that, I am able to go to the Lyme specialist in Maryland, so I booked train tickets to get there –flying is bad with my vertigo, and driving is no picnic for my husband who had neck surgery this year. Trains are good. (So excited to take my kids on a train trip, and see my fun Uncle too!) And sales on eBay and Craigslist are being blessed, which helps the fund keep growing (medical costs are still coming). Good figures.
  3. I am not watching my figure. The diet (Lyme Inflammation Diet, while also avoiding sensitivities) I am on keeps me lean enough for my liking. 😉
  4. Figure it out -no, not today. That’s one figure I don’t like. Decisions are hard. Figuring things out takes me a long time. Yesterday I couldn’t care enough to figure out what to cook, or plan to cook the next day. So I didn’t (thanks Mom, for feeding us again!) But I’ve learned to ask for the time to figure things out, and others are used to me needing it, or figuring things out for me. And at least we’ve figured out that it’s Lyme disease I’m dealing with, and figured out how to get to a specialist. Now I hope and pray that specialist figures out a good plan I can live with long-term.
  5. Figure skater?  I recently read a quote of an interview with Scott Hamilton (thanks Laurel of Social Incites!): Here’s a thought to ponder from Scott Hamilton: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” (If you think a gold-medal, world champion figure skater wouldn’t understand life with a disability, guess again! There’s an interesting interview which explains some of the struggles he’s lived with, as well as talking about teachers who made a difference in his life, and other lessons that he learned along the way. You can read it here: I agree with Scott, except that I might replace the phrase “bad attitude” with “a disabled spirit” -and I will blog about that soon.
  6. That figures -something I say too often. I say that when I feel something is not right, or annoying, and inconvenient. Like feeling better by the time you get to the doctor, or still having symptoms but all tests come back “normal”. Or the housing market tanking a year after buying a house, so its value drops a bunch. Or trying a “great” new recipe that totally flops and wastes your precious expensive specialty ingredients. Or a pastor asking “How can we help?” after others have already come in and formed a plan and been caring for months. When that happens, I think there is a challenge to forgive myself, and others, and to think instead “how do I grow from this?” Like good kids’ stories tell us: Mistakes and failures are opportunities. Edison discovered over 200 ways not to make a lightbulb, right?  “It figures” is a trap. “What do I do with this?” is an opening.

There, figure on that. 😉


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