Fur Real!

I am in awe.

There are many things at which I am in awe right now. Such as:

  • It’s the end of November. This is significant to me because one year ago, I was unable to get out of bed due to a “crash” that was then of a mysterious nature. God has revealed so much since last November -Lyme disease as a diagnosis; humility, strength, courage, grace, forgiveness; His care for me, and amazing ways He uses His people in my life, as well as using me in others’ lives. It is also significant because for I think the first time as a parent, I have my kids’ Christmas presents purchased and hidden -and this was made possible by an incredible support team.
  • A lot got done in November! Thanks to that incredible support team, a Scrap Metals drive (Lyme Away Scrap Day!) brought help from not only my family and team, but also their friends and neighbors, and co-workers, and we’re still finishing up the process of hauling, calculating and collecting on the loads of scraps! I LOVE that as a fundraiser –recycling as a fundraiser, could it get any better than that? I don’t even know how to thank all those who participated, but I know my heart is full of thanks!
  • Coyote fur coats are worth a lot! I may look like a movie star posing in one, but I couldn’t wear one if I wanted to –they are worth hundreds of dollars. They creep me out a little. And I am astonished and so grateful that my grandma parted with them to help my medical fund, and that they are selling!
  • I actually went out to eat today. While the kids were cared for by an amazing family of friends, my husband and I went out like real people, did some Christmas shopping and had dinner, and I found a dish I could eat at a restaurant! I want to try repeating it by making it at home. And we made it to 9pm before coming home to ooze into the couch. We’ve come a long way these last few months, both of us. Mina and Skye
  • My daughter is right: Thanksgiving makes sense. Christmas should be “JesusGiving” since it’s His birthday, and we should all give something for Christmas, so we are giving to Him. And we both miss my sister and niece, for whom we pray God’s provision be evident to all who see it.
  • I have a God who is in control, who listens and who speaks to me. While maintaining His plan for the entire world for all time, He has a place for me. He shows me this through words He inspired thousands of years ago, and still uses today. He tells me what I ought to do in order to enjoy the place He has for me: He says for me to be still and know that He is God. He says if I give generously I will be blessed. He says Praise Him. He says ask for help. He says I if I am humble I will have grace and blessing and prosperity. He says to let go of my pride and attitude and anger. He listens to me, hears my prayers, and lives in my praises.
  • I am going to Maryland! For really real! God has blessed the plan from the beginning. The specialist’s office is in the very city in which my Dad’s commissioned sculpture is to be installed. The receptionist talked with me at length on the phone and gave me such peace about seeking treatment there. My Uncle and Aunt live nearby. The ideas and efforts to raise the money to get there have been amazingly blessed! The decision about how to get there and who is coming with me even brings happiness. When that many details come together, you know what’s going on is happening in and because of God’s blessing on it!



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