Words spill over – a study

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

I love Proverbs 11:25 today. Partly because it uses a semi-colon. I love semi-colons. More because I want to believe what it says. I want so bad to refresh others, even from my limited place. I see that the refreshment reimbursement does not list a source. I have to trust it will come, though it probably won’t come from those I serve. I hope this blog “refreshes” those who read it.

I was challenged by some facebook posts this week. One on #blessed and one about a woman with cancer. I cried over both. (but a blog posting about hormones and emotions and reactions would be much uglier posting, and much more a lame description of what Lyme seems to do to my psyche.) They connect because they relate to this Proverb.

#blessed talked about how mis-used that word is, and how “blessing” does not mean “get good stuff” like people often use it to mean; (semi-colon!) it means “God’s presence”. We are blessed because God Himself is with us, not because we get something nice. While I agree theoretically with that idea, I read Psalms 115, and Proverbs 11 today, and saw words of God like “May the Lord cause you to increase…May you be blessed by the Lord” and “One person gives freely, yet gains even more” and “A generous person will prosper”. Challenged.

The woman with cancer gave away all but a few of her possessions, thinking she would die. She didn’t die, is still living with her little, and so happy, so excited to give, and feels so alive while so excited to see heaven soon. She “gains even more” I’d say. Oh, how I want to live like her! Would it be so bad if my illness got to the point that I did live like her? Is that what it would take? Challenged.

I don’t understand the ways of poverty, provision, prosperity, and what all counts as “blessing”. I think the big idea is that being with God for eternity is IT. But I also think it possible that little niceties can be like the raindrops falling from that silver cloud –little refreshing droplets of eternal bliss. Whether I give, or receive them, they still count as blessings.

Some “blessings” come as lessons, like the one’s I’ve learned recently:

  • showering first thing in the morning is not safe –blood pressure drops too low
  • I have a valid reason to ask for time to do things, and I use it a lot –I cannot rush or I fall apart (you who rush, I pity you now)
  • fibromyalgia is a diagnosis that will get you Soc. Sec. Disability benefits (though it still leaves you without a real cause), but not Lyme disease (though it is a real cause, probably the cause of fibromyalgia)
  • words will spill over if you let them fill up inside you. Good words might just die of un-use. But angry, sad, fed up, rushed words will spill at undesired times if not expressed rightly. I was told recently I could either “spew” or “stuff” or “study” the source of my spill-overs.

So there we go. Today I’m studying the words I’ve taken in this week. You, readers, are my sounding-board. (Yay for you).


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