Scrap it.

So my amazing Care Team met this past weekend. I can’t believe these people are helping me so much; every one of them has life, kids, aches and pains to deal with too. The sense of community is strong, and I’m humbled to have people helping me keep life going, and helping me be able to seek out further treatment of the Lyme disease that causes me to need this help. When I said it takes $1,000 to see the Lyme Dr. they didn’t flinch. They had ideas.

Thanks to the support of some amazing people, I now have:

1. A “donate” button on this blog’s About page: (and here, of course!) so anyone can click and donate to a fund for the treatment of Lyme disease.donate-button

2. We are selling items on eBay and Craigslist, and the team is gathering steam to collect their stuff to sell as well –like the early church selling their land and giving the money to the disciples for the poor. (see the book of Acts, chapter 4)

green recycling image3. We’re doing a Scrap Day –collecting recyclable metals which can be turned in for cash! “Lyme Away Scrap Day”?? scrap metal

I feel the need for a catchy phrase to go with the Lime-green (or Lyme-green, thank you) recycling symbol. “Get rid of stuff to get rid of Lyme.” Something like that maybe…I love the connection. I mean, it’s all human consumption of this planet’s resources that has caused the over-abundance of diseases to be spread among the critters whose homes have been destroyed, shrunk and shifted. Nature reacts. Bugs are part of that reaction. Ticks are far more likely to come into contact with humans thanks to us invading the habitat that had enjoyed it’s natural cycle happily before we did. If we can clean up our act, we can at least not make it worse. Recycle rather than spread more waste. Reuse rather than keep making, buying, throwing away. Preserve this world, and we might help preserve people too. I am simply one of those in the hordes of people who feel (literally) the effects of the fallen world and the mess we’re making of it.

I don’t want to ask my support network to stretch themselves too far, but I have to admit, this is bigger than just me. Talking with other “lymers” (and those I suspect have it, but even paying for the proper testing would take a fundraiser, so we don’t know yet) I know I’m not the worst, nor the only one trying to get the funds to get thorough treatment. I’ve done nothing to deserve or earn the provision I have been getting. I only pray my “walk in these mountains” helps others in their “walk” too –to see the views, to endure the uphill climbs, to withstand the valleys, to be inspired to keep doing something about this problem. However God might use me to do that, I am glad to be used to help this ever-sicker world and the people living in it. Anyone else?


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