Confessions of a possible Foodie

 I don’t know where this sign us, but I love it. I suspect I could be diagnosed as a foodie. Or at least a wannabe. Or a hippie, maybe, or slightly earthmother, with some comfort mama in me. Maybe I just sound like a snob sometimes. Like, confession #1:

Two days ago, I brought a meal to a friend. In chatting, I said something like “We just don’t eat like that anymore” about others’ recipes or food they’ve brought to me. Wow. This a.m. I packed my husband his white-bread Miracle Whip and Kraft [fake] cheese slice (OK< I am a snob about those nasty things! NOT cheese!) sandwhich. My kids at chocolate chip banana bread with their eggs and spinach-fruit smoothies for breakfast. I am NOT so health-conscious or careful for them. Making my chili with lentils and TVP rather than meat (and my husband actually enjoying it a lot! yay!) does not nullify that I made pineapple-pudding cake for them the next day.

Confession #2: Mom’ carrot cake. Several days ago it was one of those “Lyme is with me” days where my body reminded me just how great the couch is, and how much time I really need to spend on it. So I did, mostly. Knowing also that my brain was spent, decision making was poor, so not moving or doing or being in charge of anything was good. Then my parents called –needing our help, which is amazing, as they help us almost every day with something or other and generally are one of my main supports right now. So, we went to help. And mom had carrot cake (diabetic friendly, so generally OKish for me). But I didn’t think until later about the fact that it also had cream cheese frosting. And probably wheat. No wonder my stomach hurt that night and the next day! Not enough to make me think I have to avoid gluten indefinitely, but enough to tell me the “sensitivity” is true. And I felt dumb –like, I know better. But I didn’t think. Happens sometimes.

Confession #3: The day after carrot cake, I got driven grocery shopping. Still not having much body or brain power to go on, I bought some random vegetables and cantaloupe because he sign said “locally grown” or “featured”. Wow. Not like me, the frugal penny-pincher who knows stores’ tricks. But veggies and local fruits are good, right?!? Foodie uncertainty. With no plan for what to do with the items I bought. They will NOT go to waste, we WILL appreciate local, seasonal produce as much as possible. Then live on the canned stuff till next month and the budget allows for another shopping trip.

Glad I could get that off my chest. Being frugal, enjoying food yet eating in my own limited parameters (sugar and gluten free, almost vegan/vegetarian, on the Lyme Inflammation Diet), while feeding my nearly normal family whom I would hope to feed healthily and convince them to love it…well, the fight continues.


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